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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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P. P. S. Some of the gentlemen charged in the acct. of N. E. provisions gave C. bills of exchange for same: when these come to M.'s hands and are duly honored, M, is to give the gentlemen credit and charge amount to C.'s acct.
Jan. 1.

Caulfeild to Borland. [89

Acknowledges receipt of B.'s with letter of B.'s father enclosed some time ago. Hopes he answered to B.'s satisfaction per Winniett: and that W. arrived safely. Thanks B. and hopes to be able to serve him or his father.
T : C

P. S. Has mislaid copy of what he sent B. last: wants copies "that in case I doe not Send them, I may be in a Capacity, if need require to Send you Duplicates."
Dec. 24.

Caulfeild to Victualling Office. [90

Since arrival of "King George" (Joseph Turell, command) has received another V. O. despatch dated Aug. 14, 1716, with bill of lading for 146 bags of biscuit on "Prince of Wales" (Peletiah Kinsman, master), making up six mos. full allowance for 371 men; latter not yet arrived from Boston, N. E. From computation made, finds only 56 Ibs. biscuit, 3 galls. oatmeal and 9 ¾ pts. oil wanting.
T : C :

NOTE: postscript regarding Shirreff and wastage again in full, as in despatch to S. of W. [80]

NOTE: The above is Caulfeild's last letter: follow two blank pages, then the heading, "The Comencement of Publick Letters from Lieut. Gover. Doucett," and documents given in brief below,


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