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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 35

Caulfeild to Board of Trade. [61

Encloses copies of several papers, with Dudley's letters to C. in regard to "the Many disorders committed by ye Indians on this Coast upon ye. fflshermen of that Province.” C.'s answer to Dudley, instructions to "Mr. Peter Capon," and letter to Govr. of C. B. By Capon's return, C. has received Costabelle's reply to Dudley, Costabelle's circular letter to all the Indians under the French govt. and Capon's journal of all his transactions from time of departure to return. C. is informed that the vessels taken have been returned, and that no lives were lost, as reported to the govt. of N. England. Indians "Alledge the fault to be ye Fishermen in Giveing of them to Much Liquor wch was ye Occasion of ye unhappy Action but little Creditt must be Given to them." Capon having volunteered to go, has made no charge, but wishes Caulfeild to lay it before the Board for their consideration. Will do all in his power to "prevent such Irruptions."

Dec. 14.

Caulfeild to Stanhope. [62

Encloses copies of Dudley's letters to C. in regard to the misbehavior of the Indians on E. coast of this government to the fishing vessels of N. England, C'.s answer, instructions to Capon, and letter to Govr. of C. B. "upon that Affair." By Capon's return, Caulfeild has received letter from Govr. of C. B. with copy of letter written to all Indians under French govt. and Capon's journal of his negotiations. All the vessels taken by the Indians, returned: report that eight men were killed, contradicted. Indians lay the blame on the fishermen. Capon volunteered for the service and has made no charge; wishes it brought to S.'s notice.

Dec. 14.

NOTE. The hand-writing changes again to no. 1, [63] and first occur a number of hasty memos:
Apll ye 17 1716
Wrote To Luett Govr Tailer &c


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