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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Wrote To Mr. Woodward &c
Wrote To Mr. Borland

Wrote to Mr. Clark and sent Him Bills drawn on The agent for 20 Hoggs·of Melosses, as allsoe The Bill for fier and Candels."

Wrote To Mr. Mulcaster To Inform him That I have drawn on him for £100 Stg. in favor of Mr. Clark which I desired He will Answer and Sent him a Duplicate of my last.
May 15.

Caulfeild to Clark.

In the opinion of C, and capts. it is absolutely necessary for Clark to provide six mos. provisions of pork and molasses for the four independent companies of this garrison, in accordance with the estimate (enclosed) for 300 men: to be sent by August next. Recommends special care in regard to quality; at the cheapest possible rate, as they have suffered "Considerablie on that head": Five hhds. molasses being especially needed at this time, C. desires that they be forwarded by first conveyance. As Clark will have time to make arrangements, he will inform Caulfeild as to the prices of wheat and pease. If cheaper in B. Canlfeild will order from Clark.
Apr. 27.

Caulfeild to Mulcaster. [64

Encloses duplicate of former letter: this to inform M. that C. has drawn on him for £100 stg, in favor of Clark, merchant in Boston. Caulfeild could not comply with M.'s form, as he had given his (C.'s) brother a letter of attorney and the latter had called on M. for some money for C.'s use.

P. S. Mistake in Capt. Williams' bills which has delayed them until now: now draws for £51 stg: recommends M, to pay.


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