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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 243

Inhabitants" of this province, of the free exercise of their religion guaranteed by the fourteenth article of the Treaty of Utrecht: and that several irregularities have been and may be further committed by the said Missionary Priests. Gov.-in-Council think good to publish Art. 14. Quoted complete. The part of the Romish religion which is not allowed in Great Britain cannot be exercised here. Some of the priests "have taken upon themselves to Pronounce & may think themselves Authorized to Pronounce Excommunications Whereby to Deprive His Majesty's Subjects or Others under the Protection of this Government of all Manner of Assistance or means To Procure their Livelyhood." No Romish ecclesiastical jurisdiction can be exercised in this province; but all crimes of whatever nature can be punished only in H. M. courts. All missionary aud other priests are forbidden by this proclamation to "Presume to Pronounce Or Cause to be Pronounced or Published any such Excommunication."

Annapolis, July 3, 1740.
P : Mascarene

Proclamation to Protect Crown Lands. [308

Certain habitans of this River have asked leave to winter on the coast, "in Order to Procure a Livelyhood for themselves and familys." Crown Lands there already occupied and about to be occupied by others before any answer can be given to their petition. These proceedings directly contrary to previous orders frequently published. Petitioners and all others forbidden to possess themselves of said lands "or to make any work or Improvement Thereupon Before Proper Leave is first Granted."

AnnapoIis, July 12, 1740.
(unsigned by Mascarene)

Certificate of Having Taken the Oath [309

Addressed to all officers civil and military. Charles Dentremont, Joseph Dentremont, Peter Landry, Francis Villette,


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