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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Réné Landry, Charles Meuse, Francis Meuse and James Amiraux, inhabitants of Pobumcoup have taken the oath of allegiance and "hitherto Behaved Themselves Loyally Like Good Subjects and on all Occasions been Ready to Assist the promotion of his Majesty's Service by their Obedience"; and are therefore British subjects under the fourth article of the Treaty of Utrecht, All civil and military officers are to accord them protection.
P. Mascarene

"N. B. That one of The Same Ten or & Date Was Given to James & Peter Molaisons with Their Names Inserted They having Taken the Oath to his Majesty."

Order for Division of Lands. [400

To A. Bourg, notary at Minas. Francis LeBlanc and Réné Landry have complained to H. M. Council against Anthony Landry, Anthony Depuis and James Leblanc, in relation to lands at River Canard. Judgment given by H. M. Council as appears by Minute of Council of July 29, "which the Partys will give you to be Kept in Your Office." Land in question is to be divided by arbitrators mentioned in minute, and Bourg is to be arbitrator. B. ordered to make the division and report in writing.

Annapolis, July 29, 1740.
P Mascarene

Order Prohibiting Settlement. [401

To Joseph Landry, Dennis Pettitot, Joseph Doucette, James Bertram, Michael Doucette, James Saverne, Peter Doucette, Germain Doucette and all whom it may concern. Their petition of July 7, asking permission to go and winter at Tibogue, with their families, taken into consideration by H. M. Council this day. They have not waited for Council's decision, but in direct opposition to the advice of tbe President of the Council, "that in the mean time


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