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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 229

Southack whether in partnership or Otherwise belonging within this Province towards paying their just Debts Knowing of no Other ffund elsewhere for Discharging of the same Seeing that Messrs Bowman and Emmerson of Boston, Merchants, have Attached there a Sloop and Cargoe belonging to the said Deceased and Partner," Skene, Shirreff and Slater are appointed (according to Minute-of-Council of the 13th inst) to act as commissioners upon the estate of both or either Macqueen and partner. "And I do hereby appoint and authorize you to" "send for any person or persons and them for your better and more Certain Information to Examine upon Oath, to demand Books Papers Accots and other Writeings to take Inventorys of the said Effects and Debts, To Attach, Secure and Receive the Same and to Cause, Authorize and Employ Such other person or persons as you may think proper to Attach Secure, and Receive the Same wherever they may be found within this said Province, And to Prohibit all persons whatsoever who have any Effects or Owe any Debts to the Deceased and Company, from paying the same to them their Heirs or Assigns upon any Account Whatsoever, till farther orders, And farther to call to an Accot, Every Person or Persons who may have any of said Effects in possession or are Indebted to the Joint Stock in Company or to either of them in Particular And Moreover to receive the Claims of such Creditors as may be made On or before the first Tuesday in March next And to make a true State and Estimate of the whole, that the same may be laid before me and his Majesty's Council for the end & Purposes aforesaid. And for Your and their so doing this shall be your Warrant."

Annapolis, June 18, 1739.
L. Armstrong.

Advertisement Regarding Foregoing Warrant. [198

Timothy Macqueen, partner of John Southack, having died intestate and reputed insolvent, creditors have applied for attachments against the firm. Therefore Wm. Skene, Wm. Shirreff and Jn. Slater have been appoInted "Commissioners


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