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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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to Act upon the Estate of the Deceased." Creditors of the firm are to bring their books, accounts and papers to the Commissioners on or before the first Tuesday of March next: all persons indebted to the firm or with the effects of the firm in their possession are forbidden to pay the same until further orders: they are further to give information to the Commissioners with all expedition as to what extent they are indebted to the firm.

Annapolis, June 21, 1739.
L. Armstrong.

Order to Habitans of Memeramcoup. [199

Addressed to Jn. Hébert, Peter Sire, Jr., Joseph Sire, and Honoré Sire at Memorancoup, in this province of Nova Scotia. William Blanchard, Michel Richard, Bernard Godet, Peter Godet, John Simon Ie Blanc, William Girouard, Charles Girouard, Charles Girouard, Jr., Honoré Blanchard, Peter Depuis and Francis Girouard of Annapolis Royal have in petition represented that land which they have improved at Memoramcoup have been siezed by "the afforesaids" without permission and contrary to repeated orders. Therefore they are summoned to appear "on or before some time in Octobr next to shew Cause for your So doing."

Annapolis, July 31st, 1739.
Wm Shirreff Sec.

Order to the Arsinoes in regard to O'Neal. [200

Directed to Abram Arsinoe, his sons and associates at Chignecto. Whereas James O'Neal ()f said place has again complained not only of their taking the land granted to him on La Valiere's Island but also of burning his brush and other stuff which he had laid there for the dyking and inclosing of said land, they are therefore directed to pay O'Neal "forty


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