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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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with A. Ie Mercier and his associates in settling and stocking the Island.1

Annapolis, Ap. 10, 1738.
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry L. Armstrong.

Order to Mangeant Regarding Deserters, [171

Several desertions from the garrison at Annapolis have occurred, which were not possible, in the Governor's opinion, except by the help and connivance of the inhabitants. He sends Mangeant an extract from the Act on Desertions "to be duly published at the Mass house Door three Sundays successively immediately before or after Mass," so that no one may henceforth pretend ignorance of the law. The Act is as much in force here as in Great Britain, or in any other of his Majesty's "Provinces and Dominions." Further, unregistered holders of land who will not show their deeds, &c., to M., Whereby defrauding the King of his dues; and also those who have mills and have not paid rent for them, as well as those who "have since built mills without Permission," are to be summoned to appear before the Governor, or the name of two or three of the chief delinquents to be sent to the Governor at Annapolis, whence he will summon them himself. Those who claim land or mills without any papers to show are also to be cited; "fail not as you will Answer to the Contrary."

Annapolis, May 8, 1738.
L. Armstrong.

French translation of foregoing.[173 f.]

Order to Bourg Regarding Mangeant's Grant. [174

At the request of Francis Mangeant, the minute of Council of the 2nd inst. is recommended to Bourg's care. To perform it, he is to take with him the Deputies and all who may be interested, draw a plan of the land and deliver it to Mangeant

1. See Trans. Royal Society of Canada, 1897, p.134


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