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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 221

with proper certificates, in order that the same may be considered by the Council. In case of claims to this land, the Isle de Bout, B. is to summon the parties to appear here to show cause &c., at the time appointed in the minute.

Annapolis, May 5, 1738,
L. Armstrong.

French translation of foregoing [175]

Order to Bourg & Mangeant to Visit Chippody. [176

Several persons who merely got leave to visit and mark out lands "laying about Chippody, Memramcoup and Petitcoutiak" and report on them, have taken possession of and improved large portions of the crown lands, disobeyed repeated orders and defied the Government, to the prejudice of one another and causing "great Confusion and Disorder amongst the inhabitants." B. and M. are ordered to visit these districts "to take an Account of all the Inhab’ts of those parts, their Settlements, to Examine their pretentions the Quantity of land they have as in manner aforesaid Posessed themselves of, their Buttings and Boundaries and how they are Situated in Respect to One Another." Then they are to cite said inhabitants to appear before the Governor on or before July 25 next to make good their claims, &c. They are also to make a faithful report of all "your Remarks and Proceedings."

Annapolis, May 5, 1738.
L. Armstrong.

French translation of foregoing [177 f.]

Order Regarding Dykes and Unruly Cattle. [178

Preamble notes disregard of previous orders of Ap. 17, 1735 and March 15, 1735/6. Complaints have since been made that unruly cattle have not been secured but still damage gardens crops in other inclosures.1 Copy of previous

1. "taut que les Biens de leurs Jardins et d'Autre Enclossont Journalier par telle Nonchalance, Ruinés." French trans.


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