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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 21

Caulfeild to Clark. [37

Acknowledges Clarke's of 6th inst: endorses bills at rate requested Care Clarke has taken in the preservation of this garrison shall certainly be acknowledged. By Caulfeild's of the 2nd, he will see how seasonable was the supply of 25 bbls. pork and 2 hhds. molasses. Has directed the agent to pay promptly; so hopes Clarke will forward supplies required for his personal use. The hhds. of molasses gauge at 105 not 115 gallons: believes it was a mistake. "My most humble Service to yr Spouse for her kind present." Enclosed letter to be forwarded. Forgot to mention 6 gallons vinegar in his last.
T. C——

Aug. 18.

Caulfeild to Gordon, Agent.

Since last of Aug, 2 has drawn on G. for £99. 3s. stg. for 25 bbls. pork and 2 hhds. molasses. "Mr. Clark desiers I woud Inform you that this is ready Money Laid Out of his hands with noe Other design Then To preserve y Garrison"; and requests payment without delay, as Clark has been so kind.
T. C——

Aug. 18. 1

Caulfeild's Instructions to Capoon. [38

Informed by letters from Govr, and Council of Boston of hostilitjes committed by Indians in N. S. on H. M.'s subjects, fishermen: Capoon with the sloop "Caulfeild," to make diligent inquiry as to what provocation the Indians had, especially in the ports of "Pugmagoe, Cape Sables, Port Rossway, Lahave, Merligesh and Shebuctoe," as' 'the most likely places for Meeting with ye Said Indians." To join H. M. S. Rose, having on board Co!. Goffe and Capt. Caley, ommissioners appointed by the Govt. of N. England to enquire into these practices. Capoon to assist them in all particulars; to note down carefully all negotiations; report to Caulfeild in form at Annapolis; and, as.

1. The address is only ‘18th', almost enclosed with a dash of the pen.

Aug. 16.


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