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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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there is reason to believe it is the work of the French, to proceed to Cape Breton with such despatches as Caulfeild shall deliver, for the French governor's answer, with which he is to return to Annapolis with all speed.1
T : C :
Aug. 16. 2

Caulfeild to Costabelle. [39

Informed by letters from Govr and Council at Boston of "ye Great and Many damages" sustained by N. E, fishermen from Indians and others, in plundering and taking their vessels from them; and having good ground for believing that some of men are to be found in Costabelle's govt., hopes he will order satisfaction to be made. Mr. Petter Capoon, H. M.'s commissary, the bearer, has also suffered much by said Indians, and several French sailors in his employ have deserted indebted to him: hopes Costabelle will do Capoon justice.
Aug. 12.

Caulfeild to Dudley. [40

Since C.'s last to D. of Aug. 2, has received others of July 20, and 26 and, by arrival of Goffe and Cayly is informed of the Cape Sables Indians' hostilities. Has ordered Capoon, who is well known along the coast and has also suffered considerably, to attend the man-of-war, visit the ports in his sloop and try to get speech with the Indians and discover the reasons for their resentment. No Indians have been here since before Nicholson's arrival; as there is no vessel here for government service, Caulfeild is entirely ignorant of the Indians' proceedings, Will endeavor to cultivate a good understanding with the said Indians.
Sept. 16.

Caulfeild to Clark.

Since Caulfeild's of Aug. 18, he has not heard from Clark: and takes this the first opportunity of informing him of the

1. Below: "orders Given to Mr. Capoon Com. Sy."
2. As before, direction merely 16. in parenthesis.
3. Direction reads: "To ye Govr. of Cape Bretton monsr Costable."


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