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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 209

and lands in Piziquid" 'till the said Charles Duron can make it Appear by Clear & undoubted proofs (the Deed of Sale of said Lands being confessed by both partys to be Payed1) that he and not his Deceased ffather John Duron was the real Purchaser thereof and that the Deed of Sale was Actually in his Name as His Attorney Paul Boudrot hath in Opposition to the Plaintiff Alledged." Minute of Council to be observed, that there be no breach of the peace by either party.

Annapolis, May 24, 1737.
Wm Shirreff, Sec.y

Order in regard to Mass-House at Annapolis. [143

Reported to Lieut.-Gov’r that the inhabitants of Annapolis have set up a mass-house and thereby (as it were) divided the district into two parishes. Contrary to standing orders Deputies to come on Saturday, 12th at 10 a. m. with "Ancient" inhabitants and others to explain to the Governor by what authority they did so.

Annapolis, June 9, 1735
Wm Shirreff, Sec.y

Translation of foregoing into French [144]

Order to Pierre, Chief of Cape Sables Indians. [145

Pierre, in obedience to the Governor's letter of May 17th, has appeared before him and has cleared himself from the suspicion of plundering an English vessel (the brigantine Baltimore) in Tibogue and has promised to search for and recover the missing property for the lawful owners. He is hereby authorized to examine the Indians of his tribe, to do everything in his power 'to get the goods back, and to obtain all information regarding the whole affair.

Annapolis, July 10, 1736
Wm Shirreff, Sec.y L. Armstrong

N. B. "That this older was given During my absence Capt. Hamilton then acting as Sec’ry"

1. Word doubtful: very faint.


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