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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Order Regarding Disputed Land.

Stephen Rivette and Claude Broussard have appeared before Governor-in-council; in regard to a piece of land purchased by Broussard from Cécile, Rivette's half-sister. Suit too weighty to decide at once; but Broussard is to retain possession this year, and a committee of four "ancient" inhabitants, two being chosen by each party are to examine and report on their claims.

Annapolis, Aug. 17, 1736.
Otho Hamilton Secr.y L. Armstrong.

Translation of foregoing into French. [145]

Order for Election of Deputies for 1737.

In French: form and contents similar to those of the orders for 1736 [138 f.] q. v.

Annapolis, Oct. 4, 1736.
Otho Hamilton Sec.1

Proclamation for Settling the Province. [147

Preamble refers to H. M. desire to have the province populated. To further this end, all discoverers of mines or minerals are to be entitled to an equal share with those who own and work them.

Annapolis, Oct. 20, 1737
Otho Hamilton Secr.y L : Armstrong.

Order for Arrest. [148

To the Deputies of Grand Pré, Piziquid, River Canard, and Cobequid. To Arrest Pierre Subise and Guillaume Norman

1. At end of proclamation: "God Save the King" : and above Hamilton's signature "By His Honour's Command by and with the advice of the Council."


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