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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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0rder to Set up Poles in Boundaries. [103

Formal notice to the inhabitants of Annapolis River to plant stakes or poles at their respective boundaries, "(Repeated verbal orders Communicated to them by their Deputys being Contemptuously Neglected and Despised)," that the land may be surveyed, according to the King's orders. One or two inhabitants from each town or village to be surveyed are to attend the surveyor with their Deputy "to inform the Surveyor more particularly of the Buttings and Boundings," so that there may be no more contentions. French inhabitants below the fort, to give attendance on Wednesday next with —— Robichau their Deputy to attend next Thursday,

Annapolis, Aug. 11, 1732
L. Armstrong.

Order for Choosing New Deputies. [104

Refers to orders of Aug. 26, 1732, requiring election, of Deputies annually. As it was agreed in Council, the Deputies of this river being present, that elections should always be held on Oct. 11, O. S., Sundays excepted, the inhabitants are ordered to comply and report to the Govr. New and outgoing Deputies to appear at Annapolis together to receive the Gov’rs approbation.

Annapolis, Aug. 30, 1733
L. Armstrong.

Certificate of Having Taken Oath of Allegiance.1 [105

Alex’r Le Borgne "hath submitted himself and taken the Oath of Allegiance to his Most Sacred Majesty, Geo. II. "and acknowledged him the only True and Sovereigne Lord and Proprietor of this Said Province."

Annapolis, Sept. 27, 1733
L. Armstrong.

1. Marginal note: "Certificate that Belisle hath taken the Oath of Allegiance to His Majty." Addressed to all officers, civil and military,


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