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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 197

Order to Prudane Robishau1

For collecting his Majesty's rents, &c., within the Banlieu. Preamble sets forth Philipps's appointment of Alex. Bourg of Minas to collect the quit-rents, dues, homages and other services formerly paid to the various seigneurs. Robichau authorized to do the same for the district of Annapolis River "Residing and being Within the Precincts and Limits of the Banlieu, "viz. to collect " all said Rents, fines of Alienation and all other Dues and Demands and the Arrearages thereof" since 1732. To be paid three shillings out of every pound collected. To keep an exact rent roll and a just account. Empowered to give and ordered to take receipts for all payments, to take account of transfers of land. No deeds or conveyances hereafter to be valid except those passed by the Secretary or Robichau or persons of authority. Notification of all sales, deeds, conveyances, &c., to be sent to the Secretary that they may be registered in the Province Book of Records. Robichau also to take cognizance of the births and burials and also of all wills, that the intentions of the testator may be carried out.

Annapolis, Dec. 1, 1733
L. Armstrong.

Note. At this same time similar powers were given to John Duon outside the "Precints and Limitts of the Banlieu."

Translation of foregoing into French [108-110].

Order to Pay Half Rent. [111

"Reny fforest, James Girroir And Renny Richards" are ordered to pay to Mde. Belisle "Each of you one half of the Usual Rents of your ffarms Which Consists of Six hogsheads three Bushels Wheat and thirteen fowels yearly" from Jan. 1st 1733/4 and the other half to be lodged in his Majesty's stores until further orders.2

Annapolis, Jan. 8, 1734/4
L. Armstrong.

1. Called "Senr" in note at end.
2. Marginal note refers to Minute of Council, Jan. 6, 1733/4.


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