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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 183

Cosby's grant at Canso. [62

Plot of land granted to Lt. Governor Cosby at Canso “whereon he had made improvement," by Governor and Council, Secretary ordered to prepare a rough draft according to dimensions given, with certain exceptions, such as that plot on which a barracks and a shed or shelter (for beasts) stand.

July 26. 1731
R. Philipps.

Follows an extract from the Council minutes of July 24, 1731, in which this plot is said to be "Scituate on the North side of the Hill of Canso ( ?) Butted and bounded with Pallasadoes, Butted on the South West Side by Doctn Elliots Ground and on ye N. E. by Jno. Lissiasses Ground being in front one hundred and thirty feet Reaching along Nearest North East and South West Rangíng back to the Sea northerly with a Wharff is (?) at (?) the Pond the Whole being Environnd with Pallasadoes."

Proclamation Regarding Unclaimed Lands. [63

Difficulties arise from people having unimproved land.1 Fresh settlers coming in have applied for such lands, and have (apparently) been dispossessed. All persons having claims, not only on the waste lands near Annapolis but anywhere throughout the province, are hereby called on, to show cause before Ap. 10, 1732, why the same may not be disposed of for the benefit of the Crown. Proclamation to be read at the doors of the French churches in the morning, immediately before or after the service.

Annapolis, Aug. 25, 1731.
R. Philipps.

Memo follows: "The above Proclamation being Ordered to be Translated into french Duplicates hereof Signed by his Excellcy were sent to the Deeputees of the River, Minas, Pissaquid, Cobaquit, & Shickanectau of w’ch Translation there is a copy upon file and being sent enclosed and Directed as aforesaid,"

1. Chippody mentioned "particularly."


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