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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Order to Pay Pilot. [65

Lewis Hautbois to be pilot at Annapolis, and the inhabitants ordered to pay him for his services.2

Annapolis, Aug. 27, 1731

Declaration in Regard to Work at Canso.

"Whereas it is the oppinion of some persons that I have Rec’d Sums of Money from the Government for Lodgements, Barracks, Store Rooms, ffortifications or other Works done at Canso for the Conveniencyof the Troops posted there, I do hereby Declare such suggestions to be false and that I have Never Rec’d to the Value of a Shilling Directly nor Indirectly Nor any sum of Money whatever from the Gov’t Upon Acco’t of anything that has been done All which I here Certifie Under My hand this 26th Day of July, 1731"

Alured Popple to Phillips.

States that he encloses the opinion of the Attorney and the Solicitor General as to whether fines and recoveries passed here can cut off the entail of lands lying in the plantations.

Dated Whitehall, Feb, 24, 1730.

Entered at Annapolis by Shirreff, Sep. 25. 1731.

Copy of Opinion. [66

"No ffine levied on Recovery Suffered here of lands lying in any of the Plantations, Can Bar the Intail of Such lands unless the particular laws or Acts of Assembly of the Plantations where such lands lye have provided that fines or Recoverys levied or Suffered in England of lands there, Shall have that Effect, and in that Case the fforce of Such ffines and Recoverys Depends upon particular laws and acts of Assembly and must be Regulated by them."
Dec. 15, 1730 P. Yorke
Annapolis, Sept. 25, 1731
C. Talbot

2. Note: The French translation on file:

Received at Annapolis.
Sept. 25, 1731.


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