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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Chignecto or any other creeks or places to be carried to any foreign settlement "except at this port of Annapolis Royall only, under ye penalty of twelve months imprisonment, & forfeiture of 50£. N: England Currency, to be levy'd by distress an ye Goods & Estate of ye Offender, the one half thereof to be given to ye Informer."

Annapolis, March 11. 1730-31
R. Philipps.

French translation of foregoing follows [58-60]

Grant of Land to John Dyson. [60

John Dyson sergeant and store-keeper to the Board of Ordnance has represented that the plot of ground on which the garrison lime-kiln stands between the fort and the town of Annapolis, is. daily encroached upon by the sea, and will in a few years be washed away, if not prevented. If granted the land to build a dwelling house on, he will engage to fence the ground with stakes and plank, thereby securing it against further damage. Granted (boundaries being defined1) on condition of making such fence until such time as G. B. shall undertake to enlarge the fort, or till war shall break out in this province and it is necessary to demolish it.

Annapolis, Ap. 28. 1731
R. Philipps.

Order to Give Possession. [61

Joseph Robishau has complained some time in March that although he had paid John Hibbert for a piece of land four or five years ago, his brother Anthony Hibbert has ever since held forcible possession of it. Case heard in council. Hibbert acknowledged Robishau's right. Robishau believing all obstacles removed, went to Hibbert to get possession, who refused to comply with his just demand, and treated petitioner "with most Insulting and Injurious language." Order to give possession at sight of this.

Annapolis, Ap. 29. 1731
By Philipps but not signed.

1. Governor Cosby's summer house mentioned.


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