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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1719-1742. 107

M.'s interest, this government will be insulted and British subjects, if not murdered, robbed and molested.
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry. Law :ce Armstrong

Armstrong to Tho. Corker, Dublin. [162

Brigt. "Baltimore" from Dublin to Maryland driven on this coast; all on board perished but the gentlewoman who calls herself Susanna Buckler, widow of Andrew Buckler, sole owner of the vessel. Vessel brought to this port and laid up with care, for benefit of the owner. Papers found forwarded to him because they contain his name and because Mrs. B. gives out that C. was her husband's friend, correspondent and factor. By papers enclosed, C. will see that they have not only tried to get at the truth, but also to recover the lost property: latter difficult as Indians have no principle of honor, honesty or virtue, and some of the French inhabitants may act as their receivers. Has been at expense in salvaging vessel and in supporting Mrs. B, in her distress; would like advice as soon as possible as to disposal of vessel. Must be at further expense in sending her home.
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry. L. Armstrong

June. 19.

Armstrong to de Brouillan.1 [163

Acknowledges receipt de B.'s letter of July 1st.; sorry for disputes: but in some cases, they are inevitable. De B. Mistakes the cause of A.'s difference with the two priests: "it was not so much for Affronting my self & his Majesty's Council, as their affecting an Independency & disowning his Majesty's Authority in his own Dominions; I am Convinced that the ffrench Government would not have been so mild on such an Occasion if I may Suppose that any priest would have dared to disobey their Lawful Commands. Disobedience in Spiritual Pastors is always of a Contagious nature." As to de B.'s contention that, according to the treaty of Utrecht the people

1. Signed by Governor only, with the memo, .. read in Council July ye 28th. 1736."

June. 26.


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