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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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of this province are entitled to the free exercise of their religion, which they cannot have without their priests, the treaty also stipulates that they shall have it as far as the laws of G. Britain will allow.

"Now these laws very Expressly Declare the King's Majesty to be Supreme in all Causes & over all Persons whatsoever in his own Dominions, consequently Priests as well as others while they reside in this Province are Oblidged to obey his Lawfull Orders or of those Commissioned by him." Blame not to be laid on A, but on the priests for defying his authority.

Granting that the woman be such as de B. supposed, still as A. had information that a rich ship had been plundered, and several murders committed within his jurisdiction, it was his duty to make an inquiry into an " Affair so Intricate & Misterious, to discover the Authors of so Tragical an Event, & as I was determined to send a Commission Officer for that Purpose to Pombcoup, I thought proper to direct one of the priests to go along with him to admonish & exhort both French & Indians to make a Discovery of what they knew & to make Restitution & satisfaction for the Injuries they had Committed Monsr. Dentremont was of Opinion likewise that this would be the most Effectual means to Learn the truth. Nay, Monsr Cheveraux seems now to be of the same mind, who I find has Stopt at Cape Sables in Defiance of my Orders, tho' he would not go half the way in Obedience to my Commands." Has sent home to the English authorities full statement of the case: until further orders he will not depart from his resolution, “neither to admitt of the return of these two Priests, nor any others tainted with such Rebellious principles."
L. Armstrong

P. S. Bearer Mr. Macqueen son of an officer in this garrison commended to de B.'s favour.

Armstrong to Belcher. [165

Refers to A.'s previous letter re the "Baltimore," dated


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