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Claud Brassard & Etienne Rivette Difference in relation to Cutting of Hay &ca.


     Then was read the Petition of Claude Broussard of Piziguet complaining of Etienes Rivette's having disturbed him [456] him in the possession of the lands there which he had bought of Cecille Rivett his Half Sister & that he had hindred him from cutting or taking his Hay off the said Land to his great loss & Detriment; Which was Read: As also a Grant from the said Cecille Rivette to him for the foresaid lands & the Testament or Distribution of said Lands by the Father of the said Etienne & Cecille Rivette in favour of his Children, Also a Division of Said Lands made by Michael Boudrot Acting by Order of Etienne Rivette & MichI Pourpar his half Brother Dated the 23d March 1726 Also a Receipt bearing date the 9th of April 1733 for the fine of Alienation due to the Seignior, Amounting to the Sum, of Twenty two livers & ten Sous paid to Alexander Bourg*

     The Board was of Opinion that as the Affair was very dark & intricate & could not be Determined without farrther light into the Pretensions of either party that Broussard should keep possession of the land & the fruits thereof for this year, And that an Order should be sent to the Deputys & four of the Ancient Inhabitants of Pizaguit, two to be chose by each party, to Examine into the Pretensions of both partys & to make a Report thereof to this Board that in case they think proper to renew their Dispute, The Council may be the better Enabled to make a Decision thereof.
This being omitted in the proper place to be read at this mark as above *

     Then Etienne Rivette presented a Petition to the Council in answer to that of Claude Broussard wherein he Setts forth that His Half Sister had not a legal Right to the Said Land & Consequently could not Sell or Dispose thereof wch was also read
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