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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Index A

     NOTE. — Both indexes are in two columns to the page: the numbers in ruled lines running up and down the page. The figures refer to the folios and in the text are enclosed in brackets, viz. [I].

1 Members of the Council chosen
3 An ordnance for a Magazine for Grain, ffather Justinians letter Read, & an order that all vessells that take in Grain Give Bond for ,100
4 Captain Blin to have liberty to take in 50 Hogsheads of Wheat, John Adams Esqr Sworn, & letter to the Inhabitants of Menis
5 ffather Justinian & the Inhabitants of Menis letter read
6Committe of Council, Committe to Inspect papers belonging to the province, & the Explanation of that part of the Councils Oath Relating to Secrecy
7 Order to the ffrench Inhabitants
8 Report of a Committee
9 Severall ffrench men Examined Concerning the Indians threatning them
10 Two ffrench Representations Objected Against
11 ffrench letters read and Petipas to be sent for
12 An order to be Sent to the ffrench not to Cut a Road from this River to Menis
13 Several letters from Menis read
14 Information that the disaffected ffrench Stir up the Indians, & Express Sent for the Cheif of the Indians residing at St Johns
15 Nine of the Indian Cheifs arrive
16 A present to be given to the Indian Cheifs
17 Gillam Philipps admitted one of the Council, & three ffrench men Exanim'd about the Disaster at Canso
18 ffive ffrench men that Committed the Robbery at Canso Examined
19 John Henshaw made Capt of Militia
20 The Indians Robing an English Sloop at Menis
21 Letter to the Deputys of Menis



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