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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 355

Enlarging of this Below, & that they Should make Use of no other Mass-House than this Below for their publick Service & meeting of ye people

     Two of ye Deputys with Some of ye Inhabitants being Called in & ye opinion of of ye 18th May Communicated to them, as also ye Governors Message Sent by ye Secretary, they thereunto AnBwer'd and Said, it was no Mass House, tho' their Priests used to say prayers & Administer the Sacrament in it Some time when they went up ye River, that Since their priest was gone the Ornemants were all taken down, & that the House was So old & Rotten, it was not worth Removing & the Host was never left in it; the Board Charging Them at their peril never to make use of that or any other publick Mass-House Except this Below; they promis'd to Comply Strictly with the Sd Orders, & to Nail up ye Doors
L : Armstrong

     Att a Committee of Council held by order of ye Honble Lawrence Armstrong Esqe Lt Governor of ye Province at ye Secretarys office in his Majesty's Garrison of Annapolis Royl on Wednesday the 16th June 1736 at 10 o’ ye Clock A: M.

     The Secretary acquainted ye Board that he was directed by His Honour to lay before them for their Consideration two petitions Vizt one from paul Boudrot of Mines agst René Guillot, alias L Angevin Signifying, that according to the Minute & Sentence of this Board, the 24th of May Last, He had brought further Certificates to prove that it was Charles Dueron his ffather in Law & not ye Sd Charles's ffather that bought the Land in Dispute with ye Sd Charles & Sd Guillot, praying ye Consideration of the Board thereon
The Petitions of Paul Boudrot agst Guillot laid before the Board.

     The other from Jno Dupuis of Bellisle Complaining agst Messrs Les Pobomcoup for dispossessing Him of some Lands which he had Improved & rented of them for these 30 Years past, as upon file


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