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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     The petition of Paul Boudrot Being read & He Call'd before ye Board

     Order'd that a Summons be Sent for Both Partys for to Appear before ye Board by ye first of Decr, next at furthest
Jno Dupuis & Pobamcoups Difference.


     Then was Read Jno Depuis petition Complaining agst ye Pobomcoups as aforesaid & he ye Sd Dupuis & Mr Charles Dentremon of Pobomcoup, being both present & Examined thereon And it [450] And it being Said that Mr Pobomcoup had by Lease Lett to farm ye Said Land to Alexr Giroar for Twelve Years, it was Judged proper that the Said Giroar & his Wife Should be sent for to appear before ye Board tomorrow June ye 17th 1736 at 10 A. M: till which Time Adjourned;

     Being mett according to Adjournmt the partys being also present, as also Mr Alexr Giroar and his Wife, the Niece of Said Mr Pobomcoup, who produced a Lease dated 17th July 1735, for Said Land in favour of Herself & Husband for 12 Years, they being thereby to pay to ye Sd Pobomcoup 14 Bushells of Wheat per Annum in Consideration of that Rent to have also ye preference of Sd Land if it should be at any Time offer'd to be Sold; Which being Consider'd as also Mr Dupuis Allegation of Mr Pobomcoups having Verbally Leas'd to Him 32 Years agoe Sd Land for 8 Bushels per Annum, & that He would not turn Him out, untill He or Some of His Children Should Settle thereon, & what Mr Charles Dentremont advanced in answer thereunto, as his Deceas'd ffather's, Reason for dispossessing, the Said Jno Dupuis

     All which being Consider'd and Debated it it was agreed & order'd that in Consideration that ye Sd Dupuis had been so Long in possession of Sd Land, & had been ejected without any Warning, notwithstanding of all His improvements that He the Said Dupuis Should have ye Enjoymt thereof for four Years Longer upon Condition of his paying to Messrs Les Pobomcoups or their order ye Same Rent of fourteen Bushs of Wheat per Annum as aforesaid, to Commence


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