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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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that he had Cutt without showing the least Regard to the Authority Granted to his father for So doing And Contempteously Refused to see it or to hear it Read


     Whereupon being Asked off what land he had Cutt said Hay And his Answer being from off some Land Granted by Monsr La Toure a Subject [393] Subject of ffrance since the Reduction of the province to his Britannick Majesty

     Of which the Board having Considered They were of Opinion, that if the Case was as Represented, That as the said Latoure had no power or Authority to Grant or to make any Such Concession, That therefore none by Vertue of Any such Grant Could have any Right of possession, That all such Lands Were as Yet in His Majestys Gift, And therefore Agreed that the said Richards Should be Summond to Appear here to Show Cause for so much Insolence, to be Expressly Orderd to Return the Hay to Mr Bellisle And That An Order should be sent to the Deputees to see it punctually & Immediatly Done
L : Armstrong

     At a Council held at the same place on Thursday the 19 of September 1734 at 10 o' Clock A. M.

His Honour the Lieut Governor of the Province
William Skene Esq
Wm Shirreff Secretary
Henry Cope Esq

Eras : James Philipps Esq
Otho Hamilton Esq


     His Honour Acquainted ye Board that Since the Examination of Bellisle's Complaint against Charles Richards and his partners at Mines the 16th Inst That the Said Richards Was Come to Answer for himself, And had brot along with him a Child Angelick Dougas who had presented him with a a Petitn Setting forth That her Deceasd father Joseph Dougas Did [394] Did Purchass that land (which Bellisle hath Represented to be the Kings Land) not only of Monsieur Latour but of the Other Seigniours Since that time


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