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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 305

become Coheirs of the Seigniorality And therefore praying a hearing He had Called them to Consider of the said Petition And such Other papers as they had to lay before the Board to prove the Right they pretend to the said Land, for their Advice and Opinion thereon

     The Petition, With a Contract or Grant of said land Bearing Date the third day of March 1713 Said to be Granted by the Seigniours, Attested by Alexander Bourg Notary being laid before the Board And Read the said Richards also produced four Receipts for Rent said by him to be paid for the said land to Ye Seigniours
a Rehearing of Mr. LeBorgne Case upon the petition of Angelick Dougas & the Appearance of Charles Richards.

     All which being taken into Consideration And ye Said Charles Richards Examind The Board were all of Opinion that the said Grant was not Only Defective by fraudulent And Unanimously Agreed that they found No Cause to Recede from the last Days Minute being of the Same Opinion That the said Dougas had no Right of Inheritance by Virtue of said Grant Seeing he had also Abandon’d the Province and Retired with his family into the Dominions of ffrance; And Agreed that as it was in ye Gift of the King that The property thereof Should remain as it is till his Honr should have An Opportunity to go And Visit it at Mines And that till Then or further Orders Mr Bellisle may Cutt Hay as is Allready Directed; And then Ordered that the said Richards as he hath, with the quantity taken from Bellisle, Cutt from off said Lands Sixteen Loads of Hay, That he the said Charles Richards or his partners Shall Return Eight Loads thereof to the said Mr Bellisle, find Good security that this Order Shall be punctually performed And Obeyed And Not to Depart from hence till a Certificate is Returned from Mines that it is Duely Complyed with      Ordered [395]


     Ordered that the said Charles Richards Should pay the Charge of the process And that Mr Secretary Should keep the aforesaid Grant or Contract upon file And give An Attested Copy thereof to the said Charles Richards
L : Armstrong


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