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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 245


     Tewsday the 1st of Augt 1732 at 3 o' the Clock P. M. the Same Members present According to Adjournmt to Consider and Examine into Mr William Winnietts Right and Pretensions to the house and Gardens Claim'd & Said to be bought of Christopher Cahouett by Mr Joseph Jennings in the Year 1711; Mr Winnietts Two Papers as mentioned in the forenoons Minute being translated And Compared, they Were Orderd to be Read [303) Be Read As Also her Late Majesty Queen Anne Letter Dated at Kensington the 23d of June 1713 Directed to General Nicholson And Mr Winniett being ask'd if he had any Other Right to produce than these; He Answer'd that these were his Rights & that he thought them sufficient: Which being Objected by Mr Ross, who Urged that Mr Winniett could Derive No Right from thence; The One being only a CopyY of a Contract or Deed of Sale without any Manner of Conveyance, And the Other a Power by Which he Could only Act for his Constituant But not to Apply it to his Own proper Use

     Whereupon Mr Winniett layed before the Board a Paper called a Paragraph of a Letter from Mrs Cahouett to Mr Winniett, Said to be Translated, from ffrench into English, by Mr Hamilton, Neither signed nor Attested, But Acknowledged by Mr Hamilton to be his hand Writting; the Copy whereof is as ffollows
Louisbour 25 October 1714


     had the honr of Yours And that which Madm Your Spouse was pleased to write me, I am Very Well satisfied With Your Civility and Cannot Requite you but by Offering You my Small services in Relation to the house & land in this Country Which belongs to me, I Should be abundantly better satisfied yt you had it than Another, if it will do you Any Pleasure; I am Surpriz'd that the person who has been in possession of my Estate so long makes Any Difficulty to give it up, As to the Conveyance which he says he had of [304] Of my Deceas'd husband, I am sure my husband Could Neither sell nor Engage Any Lands Nor Did signe Any Deed


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