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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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of Sale or Gift, because my Children have allways a Right to Enter into possession of them

The Copy of a Paragraph of a Letter from Mrs
Cahouett to Mr Winniett Translated from
ffrench into English

     And being ask'd for the Original, he said that he knew not what had become of it, he beleived y.t he had Lost it: And both Partys being heard they Were Orderd to Withdraw

     Then the Board having carefully taken into their Consideration the aforesaid Partys Papers And Allegations they upon Examination thereof Were of Opinion


     That the Copy of Petipas Deed of Sale to Christopher Cahouett, by being in the possession of Wm Winniett Esqr Can noways Entitle him the said William Winniett to the possession of that house and Ground, Especially seeing it is noways transferd to him by a Deed of Conveyance: That this aforesaid Paragraph is no such Deed, Were it even signed by Mrs Cahouett; & for the same Reasons Advanced in her said Letter or Paragraph, for her Husbands Not Engaging Any Land, Vizt because of her Children; She Could not Convey it without them to Mr Winniett; That his Power of Attorney doeth Noways Entittle him to the Possession & Enjoymt of [305] Of any thing Recovered by Virtue thereof, Were this Right of his Constituant perfectly Good: And as to Her Late Majestys Letter Dated at Kensington the 23d of June 1713 The Board Was also of Opinion That it did not Extend to Mrs Cahouett, Who with her husband Christopher had Left this Province & Retired into the Dominions of france some Years before the Date of said Letter, And that therefore She had no manner of Tittle or Pretentions to Her Majestys Most Gracious Bounty & Indulgence then and thereby Signified in favour of the ffrench Inhabitants of this Province; It Evidently Appearing that the Inhabitants then in the Province who should Chuse to Remove themselves elsewhere are the only persons thereby Meant and Intended to Enjoy these privileges; And not those Who had, before ye


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