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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 231

Honour might also order a Patent in favour of Major Mascarene for the Same.

     Order'd that a Patent In favour of Major Paul Mascarene be prepard'd according to the Surveyors plan of the Same

     Then was Read a Petition from John Adams Esqr Praying a Patent or Patents for Several Small Tracts and Plotts of Grounds, which he had formerly Bought of the Inhabitants, and which he now desires may be Confirmed unto him under the Seall of this Province
Mr. Adams petition for a Grant of Some plotts of Ground


     Agreed that a Patent may be prepar'd According to the Prayer of his Petition for all the Tracts therein Mentioned, Except for that lying Between Samuell Douglasses Garden and the Mass House, till farther Consider'd and Enquir'd into; The Secretary having laid before the Board a Grant in favour of one [282] one Lafflang, now at Menis, from Mr Devivier and Sign'd Lapinot, which was deliverd to the Governr by one Boagas (alias Savior) About the latter End of May, or the Beginning of this present Month of June; It being beleivd to include Some part of Said peice of Ground; and Excepting also that lying Between the Church yard and the Garden formerly Belonging to Monsr Defaloise, at present in the possession of Major Alexander Cosby as Lieut Governor of this his Majestys ffort, untill his pretensions to Said Spott be farther Considerd, and that Mr and mrs Robicheaux, from whom he Bought part of it be order'd to Appear before the Council on Wednesday the 28th Instant at 10 of the Clock, to make Good their tittle, and then adjourned till 3 of the Clock P. M.

     Teusday the 20th June P. M. Being Mett According to Adjournment

     The Secretary having prepar'd' a Rough Draught of Patent In favour of Major Cope and Company, and laid it, and the Surveyors Plan of the Place before the Board, that the quantity of Acres and the Buttings and Boundings, may be agreed upon; which Being Read, and the Plan Consider'd,
Major Cope & Companys paten adjusted and Signed


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