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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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his Honour Called the District or Parish by the name of Williamstoun; and in order to Settle the Boundarys along the Sea Shore, he fix'd upon the following places, which he Called vizt Adventurers Clift, Muscato Creek, Cape William, Creek Henry, Cape ffrederick; and alloted the Company [283] Company there three thousand Eight hundred Acres, Being Butted and Bounded, thus, from adventurers Clift two Miles and a half (Being a furlong to the Westward of Creek Henry) from Said adventurers Clift, South South West two miles three furlongs, and from that Extremity Backwards two miles and a half West North West, and from thence two Miles and three furlongs North North East, Where it Joyns with the point by Creek Henry; And having Changed the Name of a place there formerly Called the Grandnajagan to New Castle Cove, and Gave names to Several places there vizt Cape Emelia, Cape Caroline, and point Caroline, where he allotted two hunderd Acres more to Compleat the Number to ffour thousand Acres in the whole, and the last two hundred were order'd to be Butted and Bounded, Thus, vist ffrom Cape Caroline Running South South East one half mile to a Small water ffaIl, and from Said Cape Caroline West along the Sea Coast one half mile to point Caroline, & from thence South South East one half mile Backwards, and from this last Extremity one half mile East where it Joyns with this Small ffall of Water and then adjourned till to-Morrow at 3 P. M.


     Wednesday the 21st June 1732, Mett according to adjournment, and the Patent Being Read and Approved of, His Honour Sign'd the Same
L : Armstrong [284]


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