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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     James Hebert Inbehalf of himself and the Children of Emanuel Hebert, and John Terriots petitions and papers being also Bead and the partys heard

     The Board Referd the Consideration of Gautros Case and that of Mr Heberts till Munday the 7th Instant

     Adjourn'd to 3, o' Clock P. M.
Pilrains Complaint agst the Inhabitants for not Cuting the road to Minis

     The Board Mett according to adjournment, & Read the Petition of Bernard Godett and Pilrain Complaining of the Inhabitants for not Complying with the agreement made by the Deputys for themselves and the Inhabitants for Cutting the Road to Menis, Conformable to Governor Philipps's order, and the list of Said Inhabitants being Call'd for, and they having Answer'd to their Names, and Examin'd order'd that they Should pay it to the Deputys, which they Did accordingly with Sixpence more for the Constable
Petition Brosard against Richards


     Then the Petition of John Brosard Against ffrancis Richards was Read, The partys being Call'd & heard, and their Affairs taken into Consideration, The Board Agreed that ffrancis Richards Should pay to [260] to John Brosard a Pistoll for his familys Breach of the Peace on the Kings high way, as also to Return to him the Same quantity of Wood taken off his land and that the Said ffrancis Richards pay cost of Suit and give Good Security for his peaceable Behaviour for a year and day

     Then the Board, Adjourned to 11 o Clock on Munday the 7th Instant

     Munday the 7th Instant Mett according to Adjournment (William Winniet Esqre Excepted) to Consider the Affairs of Gautrau and the Le Blancs, and these of James Hebert, and the Children of Emanuel, Complaining against John Terriot and others, In Relation to the Common of Menis. And their papers being again all Read, the Several partys were again Call'd and Re-examin'd and their Respective Petitions and papers again Read unto them, Gautraus Case and


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