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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 215

the Le Blancs being first taken into Consideration and Debated


     The Board in the aforesaid Case of Gautrau were of Opinion That the Said Gautrau Should Conform himself to the decided Contract of the &fract14; part of the point Granted to him by the Le Blancs in the year 1688, and noways to Enclose and to hinder the Said Le Blancs from the Pasturage of Said ¼, as is Mentioned in their Said Contract and to pay Cost of Suit, and were also opinion, That the Said Gautrau, In Case of producing proof of Bellisles Contracts Being of a prior date to that of the LeBlancs, and also for the Same peice of Ground Specifyed in that of the Le Blancs, Should have a Rehearing [261] Then the Board took into Consideration the Case of Emanuel Hebert, and the Terriots &c., and their Petitions and papers being aIso again Read, Examin'd and Both partys heard, The Board Upon the Consideration of the Whole, Agreed

Gautrau and the LeBlancs affairs decided

     That the land in Dispute, Call'd the Common of Menis Should Remain to Emanuel during his life, as is Specify'd by Mr Adams's Sentence of Arbitration, only, That the Inhabitants of the Grand PreT of Menis, Should upon paying Sixpenceper Cord to the Said Emanuel, have liberty to Cutt What Wood may be Necessary for their Respective familys, and are of opinion, That the Said land Should after the death of Emanuel become a Common, Upon their the Inhabitants taking a Grant thereof Conformable to his Majestys Instructions and that the Plantiffs and Defendants pay the Charge of Suit Equally between them, And that a letter be Sent to the Deputys to Cause this Minute to be publish'd at the Church of Menis
L : Armstrong
Emanuel Hebert allowed to keep possessionof the Common of Menis

     Att a Council Held by order of the Honourable Lawrence Armstrong Esqr Lieu.t Governor of the Province at his own House in the ffort of Annapolis Royal on Saturday the 25 th March 1732 at 4 o Clock P. M


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