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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 209

Board, that he found that the Plaintiffs only had Appear'd, and that therefore the Board at present, could only take Notice of their Respective papers, and keep them on ffile, tIll both partys with their wittnesses on Both Sides, Come face to face, to prove the validity of their Several Pretensions, and that before any Decision can be made or Sentence pass in favour of Either party, they ought to Comply with his Majestys Instructions, in Having their lands all Surveyed, and that he also Desires the Board to give Sufficient time, & appoint a Day for the partys Appearing
The Secretary acquints the Board of the Governors opinion of last days minute & of John Depuis affair

The Secretary also Informd the Board, that he acquainted the Governor of John Depuis Affair, whose Dispute was with the Claudes Boudrot and Landry In Relation to Some lands at Menis, and that he had Said, that Prudane Robicheau or Michel Boudrot was to appear in Behalf of the Defendants, The Govr Therefore Desired the Board might Examine into the Merit of the Petition, But to Inform him as aforesaid It Being Required that all the Inhabitants Do Comply with his Majestys Instructions as aforesaid

     Governor Doucetts order in Relation to Said lands at Chippody, not being as yet produced, The Board proceeded in the affair of John Depuis, Contra the Claudes, Boudrot and Landry, who being Called in, Prudane Robicheau Appear'd for the Defendants


The Petition of Said Depuis was Read, as also an agreement Between Terriot Deceas'd and the Saids Clauds Boudrot and Landry, the Arbitrators Sentence [254] Sentence, Governor Doucetts order to the Deputys of Menis in Relation to Said Sentence and the Deputys of Mines's letter to Governor Doucett in answer to the Same, as upon ffile

     To which Prudane Robichau being Desired to Produce what he had to Say Against the proofs and Arguments advanced by the Plantiff

     He first laid Before the Board a power of Attorney for his Appearing for the Defendants


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