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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     Then he Demanded that the Terriots first Contract Given for the land in Dispute, might be produced, which was accordingly done and Read, bearing date the 12 th June 1683

     Then the Board Demanded also the Defendants Contract, which being also Read, was found to be, of the Same date, And the Defender being ask'd if he had any other proofs to produce, he answer'd, only the Certifycates of Some people viztt A Declaration of Madam Belisle and of Sebastion Broin, which being also Read, and the partys on Both Sides being heard, they were ordered to Withdraw
John Depuis affair decided

the Members of Councils opinion In Relation to Surveying the Province


     The Secretary acquainted the Board, that he had Recived Some paragraphs of the Governors Instructions Relating to Surveying the Province which he Desired Might be laid Before them for their Consideration, which paragraphs being Read, The Board proceeded to the Consideration of the Said partys Case, and Nemine Contra dicente were of opinion, That the land in Dispute, lying between the two Ruisaus, Called by the name of Ruissau de Laigle, Should be Equally Divided viztt Both the Wood and the Marshland, and that the Defendants Should pay the whole Charge of the Process And the Secretary Moving the N ecessity of Enjoyning them in Said Sentence to Comply with his Majestys Instructions, Conformable to [255] to the Governors Message and the above Said paragraphs of Instructions to that purpose, which were viztt The 49th and the 112th Articles of the Earl of orkneys Instructions as Governor of virginia dated the 22d of March 1727/8, The 21st and 10th Articles of Governor Philipps's General Instructions dated the first of July 1729, which being Read as above, Created Some Dispute. It was Agreed to put the question Whether it was not Necessary That the Inhabitants Should first Comply with his Majestys Instructions to the Governor and that Each Members Opinion Should be taken and Distinctly Minuted, which are as follows viztt

     Otho Hamilton Esq. That it is Necessary, that the Inhabitants Should have their lands Survey'd, according to his Majestys Instructions, In order to have their Boundarys Settled


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