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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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took their places at the Council Board — all which Oaths were administred to his Excellency the General, by his Majesty's Council, and likewise the Oath required to be taken by all Gov:s of Plantations to do their utmost that the Lawes relating to the Plantations be observed — likewise he took & subscribed the Declaration aforesaid —

     At a Council held at the same place afores'd upon Wednesday the 27th day of April 1720


all the aforesaid as on the 25th Instant

     A method for erecting a Public magazine at this place to receive the Graine of the produce of this Province to supply the times of want. Advised on — [3]
An order for a magazine for grain

     Resolved and Order'd
     That a Public Magazine be fitted up here at the Charge of this Province to receive the grain of the produce thereof, that is to say, what is above the supply of each person's family that hath such grain to sell in order that the Inhabitants of this river & others, which have not means to raise graine may be readyly supplyed out of such Magazine and also the Indians inhabiting this Province who are friends may have their support from and be thereby made to depend on the Goverment provided a proper Method be found out; the same being not hurtful to the Traders of this Province
R. Philipps
fathers Justinians Letter read.

     The reverend Justinian Durands, and the french Inhabitants (of this river) Letters to His Excellency in answer to his .... Proclamation — was read and advised on.
Ordered that all Vessels tah take in grain give bond of £ 100

     Resolu'd & Order'd
     That a letter & Order be sent to Miniss and Shignecto relating to the Grain of this Province, and that every Vessel permitted to depart this place bound to any place in this Governmnet, Do give security to the Governor or in


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