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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Resolved to Run all Risques to gett home to Sue for Justice, And that finding none would take him on Board He and the Other Two Agreed with one Æneas an Indian to bring them to the River S.t Johns, whom with Another Indian his Relation they kill'd about fifty Leagues above Meductuck, because they found he was going to Deceive them, and not performe the Agreement After they had paid him for his Pilotage; but Tarry in the Woods, where they must have Infallibly perished with Hunger, had they taken his Cannow by force; And in the Scuffle he Shott &Aelig;neas as he was going to fire upon him and his Commarads, and that Mons.r Babour Shott the Other Indian his Relation as he was going to kill Mons.r S.t Joyly with a Lancett and that then they prooeeded in the best Manner they Could on their Journey

     He was asked if they Did not meet with other Indians who knew the Cannow


     Answered Not till they Came to S.t Johns where the Priest Lives to whom they applyed for his Assistance and Direction how to gett to the french Plantations; And there being Sev.1 Indians going from thence to Beaubassin, he Recommended them to their Care, who not knowing the Cannow (it being a New one, just finished before they Departed from Canada) they Piloted them to the River of Beaubassin, and y.t being [145] Being Informed of a Place Called Mines where there were also french Inhabitants; They Chused rather to go there, than to Beaubassin Least During their Stay there, they Should be Discovered and fall into the Indians hands; And so taking their Direction which way to Steer allong Shoar, they found the place, where having Stayed a few Days, and beging the Assistance.of the Inhabitants, they Discovered to them the ffact, who Ordered them to Depart Immediately, for that there was No Shelter for them there; and Make the best of their Way to this place, and Aske the Protection of the Governor for that the Indians would Certainly Destroy them; And Said that having but little Provisions and no Guide, they had allmost Perished in the Way


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