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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 109

     And being asked what the other two were & whether he and they were Not Deserters from the Troops

     He said they Were both Gentlemen of Good family And had mett With ill usage and Such Misfortunes as his Own, and Said that he had a greater Acquaintance with Mons.r Alex.r Poupart de Babour, than he had with the Other Mons.r St Joly de Pordeithan, He being in the Bastile at the Same time that he was there, And at Cannada for Some time together; And that he knew S.t Joyly Only but Since he Came to Quebeck from Missicippy which was but a few months before they left Quebeck And that none of them were in the Troops


     S.t Joyly de Pardeithan being Called, he Gave the Same Accot of their Journey from Quebeck And of Killing the Two Indians as the aforegoing of Mons.r Dupont; And Said that he was Sent away on Acco.t of a Duel in which he was in Some Measure Concerned [146] Concerned in behalf of a friend, And being Apprehended was first Sent to New Spain, where lived about three Years, and from thence Travelled to Missicippy where he Acted for some time as Secretary, and from thence he went to Quebeck where he became Acquainted with the other two, and knew no more of them than the Acco.t they gave of themselves And that they were Respected there as Gentlemen

     Alexander Poupart de Babour Agreed in every Respect With the other two, And Said that he knew not the Real Cause of his Transportation, but Said he beleived it had been So Ordered by Some of his family on Some Acco.t of Amours for that he had been a Very Wilde Youth, and being further asked about the Death of the Two Indians & Answered, Conforme to the Preceeding Acco.t , that Mons.r Dupont, Shott &Aelig;neas and that he Shott the Other, which was about two months Agoe in the River S.t Johns about fifty Leagues above Meductuck

     There being no proofs against their Assertions the Governor and Council Judged proper to keep them in Custody


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