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F.H. Baker, Editor of the Mayflower, ca. 1878

The Acadian Recorder for 24 October 1885 gave a length biography of Baker on the occasion of his death, noting that he

was perhaps more generally known as he appeared on our streets several years ago, than any other resident, because he was pointed-out as 'Baker, of the Mayflower', and more people read that journal while it lasted than ever acknowledged to doing so. He came to Nova Scotia some twenty years ago, to engage in lobster-canning, and had large factories on the coast, paying out much money in wages, and engaging in extensive operations in the line of business in question. During this time he became the proprietor of a weekly journal called the 'Mayflower', which had been started for literary purposes in this city, and made it a personal organ. It to a large extent ventilated any scandals that were being discussed or whispered in public, and held up sundry individuals to ridicule because of peculiarities. He was a great foe to snobbery and 'exquisite'ness, and with a most copious pen slashed right and left, often in the most impassioned language. At one time the paper had a great circulation, extending all over the Province and even abroad. Everyone who decried it seemed to have 'one in their pocket' which they would show to their friends, and expatiate on the turpitude of the writer of certain articles therein.

Photographer: Notman Studio

Date: ca. 1878

Reference: Notman Studio Nova Scotia Archives  no. 96891

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