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"'Jock' (William) Craig, who for 54 years was the letter carrier of the General Post Office, Halifax, N.S. Photo taken 1 Aug. 1871, when 81 years old"

William Craig (ca. 1790-1874) was a noted Halifax character who wrote under the signature "Will the Ranter of Craig Lee". His publications include Rich Men: A Lecture by Will the Ranter, at the New Market Hall, Oct. 9, 1863 (1863) and Verses (Halifax, 1869). Craig's rhyme,"The Champion of Nova Scotia", which appeared in Verses, criticized Joseph Howe's political switch from Anti-Confederate M.P. to Conservative cabinet minister: "What has come o'er our champion Joe/ That he has been converted so/ Why should he go and join the foe.../ Go with the traitors one and a';/ You've sold yourself to Ottawa...."

Photographer: Notman Studio

Date: 1 August 1871

Reference: Notman Studio Nova Scotia Archives  no. 6248  / negative: N-4052

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