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The Port Royal Habitation

"Port Royal"

Legend to Champlain's Map of Port Royal
A site of the Settlement G St. Anthony River [now Bear River] N the seacoast of Port Royal S River of the Mill [now Allen's River]
B the Sieur de Champlain's Garden H cultivated field where grain was sown [Annapolis Royal now stands here] O slopes of mountains [North Mountain] T a small lake
C path through the woods which the Sieur de Poutrincourt has made I mill which the Sieur de Poutrincourt has built P island near St Anthony River [now Bear Island] V the place where the Indians catch herring in the season
D island at the mouth of the River Equille [now Goat Island] L fields which are covered by water at spring tides Q Rocky Brook [now Deep Brook] X Brook of the Troutery [now Dixon's Brook]
E entrance to Port Royal M Equille River [now Annapolis River] R another brook [Moose River] Y the path which the Sieur de Champlain had made
F shoals which become dry at low tide


Photostatic copy of map which was originally published in Les voyages du Sieur de Champlain (1613)

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Map Collection: F/239-1609 - Annapolis Royal

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