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In 2009, Treasury and Policy Board was divided into a Policy and Priorities Committee and a stand-alone Treasury Board. In general, the mandate of the Policy and Priorities Committee was to establish plans and priorities for the operation of the government and to ensure that they are developed in a coordinated manner. In particular, the committee's mandate was to provide leadership in the development and implementation of the core program of the government; communicate the government's priorities to deputy ministers and departments; ensure the coordination of policy agendas across government departments and facilitate horizontal linkages and corporate initiatives; facilitate two-way communications on corporate policy matters between deputy ministers and their departments and the Executive Council; identify and assess emerging policy issues and provide directions for the management of those issues; ensure effective accountability in the formation and implementation of public policy; identify and prioritize policy issues, select policy initiatives and direct action on policy issues and initiatives; and make recommendations to the Executive Council on the broad structure and allocation of responsibilities to individual government departments, offices and government agencies, and approval of structures and functions within the departments and agencies. The minister of policy and priorities was ex officio a member of the committee. The committee was assisted in carrying out its duties by the Office of Policy and Priorities. In 2013, Policy and Priorities ceased to exist as a standalone committee when Treasury and Policy Board was recreated as a committee of the Executive Council.

Notes: Authority record based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 2009 c. 14, 2013 c. 37.

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