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Letter, John Easson, Boston, to David Easson
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My Dear David Boston, Dec.r 18th 1773

there is 32 pair of Shoos and 2 pair of pumps the Shoos
and pumps Cost a Dollar a paier the tow paier of Womans
Shoos Cost three pistrens a paier the Other Small ons
Cost a pistren a pair the Gun Cost 6 Dollars a piece
the powder Cost 10 pence a pound the Shott 3 pense
half penny the half Axes Cost half a Dollar a piece
the Mens Shoos You May Sell for Six Shillings
the pumps for Seven Shillings and be Shure whom
you trust that there pay is Shewne if you Gett the
Money for the rum You will pay Capt Attwood for
the fright I Could Not Send You any More at present
for want of Money I Can have Six Shillings for
Muss Skinss and Six and Sixpence Starling for Bever
ten Dollars for a Good Lussarvee three Dollars for Good
Oatters Good Marlins one Shilling Good Minks in
Seson three Shillings the Squirl Skins is Good for
Nothing the bags of Mogesons 20 paier at on Shilling
they Cost hear You may Sell them for a Small profit
for whate You Can Gett if they will answer I Can
Gett Some New ones farr better then these for they
have been Made Some Years if You have any
of your tea Left You Must tak Good Care of it
for there will be Non to be Gott hear about a fortnight
ago there Arived heare from England 450 Chests of tea
Last night the Sons of Liberty went and forced the
Ships broek all the Chests and Empted all the tea
into the Sea this I belive will be as bad as the Stamp

Discusses various business matters and give instructions to his son in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. Provides a brief account of the Boston Tea Party and advises David that "if You have any of Your Tea left You must take Good care of it for there will be Non to be Gott hear about…."

Date: 18 December 1773

Reference: The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History - document number: GLC00191. Used with permission.

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