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Letter, Benjamin Hallowell, Boston, to Dyson & Easson

A lengthy letter regarding recent business dealings and items disputed by Dyson and Easson, including the sale of beaver pelts, the sloop Dove, damaged goods, etc. Very instructive regarding colonial trade, commerce and mercantile relationships.  9 November 1757.  6 pages : 30 x 48 cm.   Easson family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 vol. 3478 A/52

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          Novr Boston 9th 1757
Messrs Dyson & Easson
          I shall now once more go over Your
Objections which I think are only trifeling and only making  
excuse to keep me longer out of my  money and I will answer
them in as Particular a manner as I can. In Yours
of 13 July 1755 Your Objections for my Charging a Commission
of 5 pr ct [per cent] on the Beaver sold pray is it possible for a Man to
spend all his time in selling Yr [your] Goods with out any Commission
I believe this is the first Instance of any Persons disputing
so Just a Charge and it surprises me much When I never
Chargd You any Commission as Mr Johonnot did
for Indorsing the Bills, not any Commission for any
Goods I sent you out of my store or Imported from London
on Purpose for you but only a single Commission of 5 pr ct [percent]
on what goods I was obliged to Purchase and lay out the
Money for Which Money had I Improved another way
I should have made much more than 5 pr Ct [per cent] and As to the
loss of the Beaver I send it for no more than I Give
You Cr [credit] for in the Acco’t [account] of sale and if any loss upon it
it was on Your Acco’t and Risque and not mine I am
surprised at this Objection beyond the Other when I
wrote in the time of it when I received the Beaver that
it was in bad order and not fitt for a Market before it was
put in order and dryd. I got the same man that Mr
Johonnot did who told me Mr Johonnots Beaver was
better than what I had upon the Whole I sold it
for the most I could Get and had the Beaver been my
own I could not do better or Get more for it than
I did, so I think you may be Silent on that for I do
assure You I sold it for no more than I have Given You
Cr [credit] for in the Acco’t of sales, I want no more than I have
a Just right to have and I would not defraud You of a
Shilling knowingly for the Value of Your Whole debt

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