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''The First Amherst in America''

"Joseph Blackburn's portrait of Sir Jeffrey Amherst, whose name has become famous in American history, which was exhibited at the recent exhibition of one hundred colonial portraits at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, to which it was lent by Mr. Herbert Lee Pratt. Lord Amherst, who is perhaps best known for having founded the college which bears his name, was Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in North America from 1758 to 1764 and Governor-General of British North America in 1760. Towns were named after him in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Nova Scotia. Blackburn's pictorial technique, which bears a surprising relationship to the Seventeenth Century Flemish and Dutch portrait painters, has succeeded here in combining precepts of both English and Dutch portraiture to make a characteristic and most agreeable likeness of Sir Jeffrey: the picture is dated 1758."

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Date: 1962

Photographer: Maurice Crosby

Medium: Photograph of original oil portrait

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Photo Collection: People: Amherst

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