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"Church of Saint Paul and the Parade at Halifax in Nova Scotia"

Captain Knox’s journal notes on 14 August, 1757:

"The town of Halifax is large: the streets (which are not paved) are tolerably regular, and of good breadth; but their houses, upon a nearer view, are mean, and do not display any great knowledge of architecture, much less of taste, in those who erected them; which in general, together with a capacious church, are of wood, and covered with the same materials. Great allowances must nevertheless be made for a settlement still in its infancy..."

The Champlain Society, The Journal of Captain John Knox, Volume 1 (Toronto, 1914), pp. 50-51 [F 80/ C35/ K77]

Date: 1 March 1764

Format: engraving

Artist: Richard Short

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Documentary Art Collection: 1979-147.168 / negative N-150

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