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"View of the Town and Fort of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia"

"Taken on the Spot by Capt. J. Hamilton of His Majesty's 40th Reg't of foot."

Roger Viets’s poem "Annapolis-Royal" was printed by A. Henry, Halifax, in 1788. This poem was re-printed in Roger Viets, Annapolis Royal a poem 1788, (Kingston, 1979), pp. 2-4 [V/F, vol. 19, #17]. Note the old use of the letter “f” for the letter “s”.

". . .Amidft the rural Joys, the Town is feen,
Enclos’d with Woods and Hills, forever green:
The Streets, the Buildings, Gardens, all concert
To pleafe the Eye, to gratify the Heart...

Where this romantic Village lifts her Head,
Betwixt the Royal Port and humble Mead;
The decent Manfions, deck’d with mod’rate Coft,
Of honeft Thrift, and gen’rous Owners boaft..."

Date: ca. 1753-1755

Artist: John Hamilton

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Photo Collection: Places: Annapolis Royal: General View

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