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"Map of That Plat of Ground Late Sold by John Liddle to George Isles..."

"...situated on the south-west side of the great road leading from Halifax to Fort Needham to Sackville Bounded as above described and containing ten acres three roods and twenty perches.”

Nova Scotia Archives has a collection of miscellaneous deeds and plans (MG 10).

A plat is a plan of an area of land. A rood is a quarter of an acre and a square perch is 30 1/4 square yards. A perch is also a measure of length for land equal to 5 ½ yards. Gill’s plan also includes a sketch of a house near the property line on the right side.

Date: April 1816

Artist: Valentine Gill

Reference: Deeds, Bills of Sale, Legal Documents Nova Scotia Archives MG 10 vol. 20 K-P no. 149

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