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Le Bluenose, symbole canadien

Le Bluenose et ses équipages

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Abbott, James   Of Newfoundland 
Acker, Gordon Able Seaman July 1939; April 1934 Age 29 in 1939. 
Acker, William  1922 Part of racing crew 
Adams, Philip  January 1938  
Allan, Arthur Mate May 1940 Age 72 in 1940 
Allen, (Mrs.) Lawrence Passenger October 1938 Age 29 in 1938 
Allen, Jean Passenger 1938 Travelled with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Allen to Boston. 
Allen, John Cook 1934  
Allen, Lawrence  1930, 1931 Part of racing crew 
Allen, Lawrence Mate October 1938 Age 40 in 1938 
Amos, Andrew J.   Reference from obituary of Andrew James Amos, 8 February 1993. The name Scott McLean was an alias used aboard the Bluenose
Anderson, Borden Sailor October 1938 Age 22 in 1938 


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