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Halifax Explosion: A List of those that Died

Fatality no.: 1250
Name of Deceased Duggan, Theresa "Rita" Maud
Additional Names née Long
Date of Death 6 December 1917
Gender Female
Age 18
Address 1329 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Religion St. Joseph's - Roman Catholic
Identified by Charles L. Duggan Jr. (son)
Buried Mount Olivet Cemetery, Halifax
Family Husband Charles L. Duggan Jr.; child Warren, 4 months; died
Relatives Father-in-law Charles Sr. and mother-in-law Susie died
Obituary Halifax Herald - 14 December 1917 p. 12; Halifax Herald - 7 February 1918 p. 9
Sources - City Directory 1918
- GANS list
- HRC: Scrapbook
¤ HRC : List
- HRC: Claims 3683

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Theresa "Rita" Maud Duggan was registered in the Halifax Explosion Death Registration Book 1917
no. 1009 on page 168 below:

Rememberance Book Page 00168



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