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Halifax Explosion: A List of those that Died

Fatality no.: 833
Name of Deceased Brennan, Capt. Horatio H.
Date of Death 6 December 1917
Gender Male
Age 45
Address 51 Duncan Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Occupation SS Stella Maris
Religion Baptist
Identified by H. H. Brennan Jr. (son)
Buried Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Family Wife Susie Brennan, 46; children Walter, seaman Stella Maris survived; Harris; Viola; Ernest; Mabel; Thelma; Claremont
Obituary Halifax Herald - 12 January 1918 p. 2; Halifax Herald - 13 December 1918 p. 12
Note Killed trying to tow "Mont Blanc" clear of dock, family to Clark's Harbour
Sources - City Directory 1918
- GANS list
- Books:
- Books: Kitz
- HRC: Claims 1686 HRC: List
- HRC: Rogers files
- Newspaper: Chronicle: Dec12/17

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Capt. Horatio H. Brennan was registered in the Halifax Explosion Death Registration Book 1917
no. 595 on page 99 below:

Rememberance Book Page 00099



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